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POPL 2021
Sun 17 - Fri 22 January 2021 Online

Don’t forget to check out how to POPL 2021!

Where can I read, watch, and discuss a paper I’m interested in?

Each paper has a dedicated, asynchronous, and durable chat. The chat can be found on the paper’s page. The page also links to the full talk (of 30 minutes) and to the paper itself. If you have comments or questions about the paper, leave them there any time… before, during, and after the conference! Each paper’s chat will automatically be displayed in the track room (see below) when the paper’s slot starts.

At the beginning of a paper’s 10-min slot, do I have to be in the track room or the paper’s page?

Either works! You can watch a paper’s lightning talk (and join the ensuing discussion, the “Q&A”) by either (a) being in the “track room” for the corresponding parallel track at the moment when the paper’s slot comes or (b) being on that paper’s event page at the moment when its slot starts. For the discussion, the author will take live questions and questions from the chat messages. During the paper’s slot, the track room and the paper’s event page will share chat messages.

The lightning talks are what will actually be shown during the conference, followed immediately by a five minute broadcast of the Q&A. (Q&A can continue past the five minutes, but anything happening after those initial five minutes will not be broadcast or be recorded.) Each paper appears in just one slot on the schedule: on a single day, in a single session, in one of the two parallel tracks of that session. During that paper’s slot, the POPL broadcast for that parallel track will screen the 5-minute lightning talk and then run a 5-minute Q&A session with the authors.

In addition to the lightning talks shown during the conference, you can watch the full talks as soon as they’re up.

At the end of a paper’s 10-min slot: What if I want to stay in the live Q&A of a paper?

After five minutes of Q&A on a paper, viewers will then (by default) stay in the track and watch the next talk unless they choose to continue with the Q&A session (in a separate room). Either way, any chat comments made during a paper’s slot (talk or Q&A) will appear for people either in the track room or on the paper’s event page. The chat will be ongoing, before, during, and after the paper’s slot.

Why are POPL’s prices higher than some other online SIGPLAN conferences?

The reason for keeping POPL’s standard registration price nontrivial is to motivate participants to focus on the conference while it is happening, on the theory that things that cost too little are not valued. We offer a $10 alternative so that the registration fee doesn’t keep people from participating.